94% Answers and Cheats

94% Answers and Cheats to every level of the game for iPhone and Android. These 94 Percent walkthroughs and solutions will help you beat the level that you are stuck on. This game may the best trivia game since Family Feud. You can download it on all IOS devices including the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices.

94% Answers and Cheats

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We provide the exact phrase that fits into every 94% category, allowing you the ease of copy and paste if you are in a complete rush to beat this game in one sitting. Use us to prove to your friends and family that you know what’s going on in the world. The levels are pretty riddling, but with all of our 94 Percent answers you’ll never be defeated again.

Every level in 94 percent asks a total of three questions with answers taken from a survey of over 100 people. Some questions are just one-word hints, allowing for a bit of diversity. There are two text-based questions on each level, and one question that taunts with a picture in which you must name all the important subjects in the picture. The picture questions is a bit of fun isn’t it? It allows you to think for an instant that you are not really spending whole minutes gazing at a tiny LED screen. These 94% answers may even help you understand what it is most people think in relation to these simple questions.

94 Percent is the perfect trivia game for when you are on the bus coming or going to work, in the elevator attempting to ignore your co-workers, in the middle of another dull family gathering, waiting at an obnoxious party for your friends to arrive and save you from the people milling about around you. Let this 94% take you out of the real world and put you into a game that merely reminds you of the real world.

With a total of 35 levels, 94% will surely keep you entertained for minutes. Make sure to connect with Facebook, Twitter, IMessage and Gmail to brag to your friends about your high level of common sense. Or perhaps you would rather beg them to answer these difficult questions pertaining to the everyday malaise? You can do that too, through 94 Percent’s social aspect. Make sure to keep coming back to 94 Percent Answers for the all the answers, cheats, and needs.