94 Degrees Answers and Cheats

94 Degrees Answers and Cheats for every level and picture of the game. Do you consider yourself a trivia genius? If so, you’re going to love SCIMOB’s 94 degrees, the game that tests your ability to actually locate an answer. 94 Degrees can be download for free on all iOS and Android devices. Are your answers cold? Fear not, we’ll put you in the red with all the 94 Degrees answers and cheats you’ll need.
94 degerees answers

94 Degrees Answers for Every Level

From the minds behind 94%, comes 94 Degrees, the mobile trivia game that has torn up the charts. In 94 Degrees, rather than type out a word, you’ll be tasked with locating your answer on a given picture. From geography to animals to even history, you’ll need to have an extensive knowledge in nearly every thinkable category. These levels are tough but remember we’ve got your complete guide to all the 94 Degrees answers.

When you begin a level, you’ll be shown a picture and the challenge or something to find. You’ll need to pin down the exact location of your answer. If correct, you’ll be in the red and pass. However, if not, you’ll be told if you are cold or warm to your answer. For example, do you know where the spare ribs would be on a pig? What about the location of the Missouri river?

Along the way, you’ll win coins to help your purchase hints. These hints are pretty helpful in getting through the game. For example, a dice can be rolled. Depending on the number, you will be shown a number of areas your answer may lay. Obviously you want to roll a one here. You can also use the compass hint which will tell you the degree of the spot you have selected. This will let you know just how close you are to the answer.

Sure, these hints are great, and all, but the cost really adds up. Instead of spend your hard earned money for 94 Degree answers, just use our complete and comprehensive guide. With our 94 Degrees answers and cheats, you’ll be dominating the game in no time.