How to Play 94%

94% is a brand new mobile trivia game that plays seamlessly and easily. The game requires that a player simply name the most commonly associated words with whatever level they are shown, or in other words 94% of the most supplied answers. Think of it as a pocket version of Family Feud, just without Steve Harvey and your family bickering over answers.

1) Getting Started

When you begin 94%, you’ll need to select a level. Each level pack contains two regular questions and one picture. Once you are ready, you’ll be given a letter bank to provide all of your 94% answers.

2) Answering a Question

Once you have selected one of the questions from your level, you’ll need to rack your brain to figure out the most thought of terms or words associated with the phrase you are given.

Let’s use the first question of the first level as an example: Things you find in a pencil case.

From here, you may need to name things such as an eraser or pen. The levels are only completed when you provide 94% of the answers for this question.

3) The Picture Challenge

The last question of every level pack is a picture. Here you’ll need to think much like you did for the worded out questions and supply the top thoughts, words and terms when you look at the picture.

Let’s use the first picture in the first level pack: A firetruck in front of a fire.

Here you might think of answers such as water or a fireman. Again, the levels are only completed when you provide 94% of the answers for this question.

4) Help Yourself Out with Hints

94% is jam packed with over 40 challenging levels. However, you’ll luckily have access to a series of extremely helpful hints along the way.

Afer every correct answer, you’ll be awarded some coins you can use to purchase hints. These hints, known as the jokers, can help you answer your question by supplying you with either a letter to the term or a removal of the useless letters in the bank.

But why waste you time with silly hints!? You can find all of the 94% answers and cheats right here on our site!