94% Answers Level 15

These are all the answers and cheats to 94% level 15. This trivia game is available for iPhone and Android, and is extremely addictive! The object of the game is to guess 94% of all the given answers to a question.

94 Percent Level 15

It gets dirty quickly

  • Mr Clean (2%)
  • Kojak (5%)
  • Pascal Obispo (7%)
  • Nicolas Canteloup (8%)
  • Lagaf (14%)
  • Zinedine Zidane (15%)
  • Bruce Willis (18%)
  • Fabien Barthe (25%)

It’s soft

  • Congestion (4%)
  • Unemployment (4%)
  • Work (5%)
  • Weather (8%)
  • Purchasing Power (14%)
  • Taxes (16%)
  • Policy (43%)

A cup of coffee picture

  • Chance (6%)
  • Sales (11%)
  • Dice (27%)
  • Games (43%)

About 94% Answers

94% is the hot new trivia app game from SCIMOB, where you can take part in the kind of Family Feud trivia fun you’ve been dreaming of, but without Steve Harvey’s disapproving looks. In 94%, you’re given a question like “What’s yellow?” or a picture of a van on a beach, and tasked with providing the top answers provided by a polled audience, until you’ve gotten 94% of the answers. Sound tough? It is. Well, guess what, it doesn’t have to be! Not with our 94% cheats and answers! We comb through all 40 levels of 94% and collect all 94% of the answers, listing them in an easy-to search format to make sure you’ll come out on top every time you play this addictive new app game.

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