94% Answers Level 18

These are all the answers and cheats to 94% level 18. This trivia game is available for iPhone and Android, and is extremely addictive! The object of the game is to guess 94% of all the given answers to a question.

94 Percent Level 18

Animals hatched from eggs

  • Moutaineer (2%)
  • Journalist (2%)
  • Roofer (3%)
  • Pilot (3%)
  • Stuntman (8%)
  • Military (14%)
  • Police (27%)
  • Firefighter (35%)

James bond

  • Tear (3%)
  • Hematoma (9%)
  • Burn (12%)
  • Sprain (16%)
  • Fracture (16%)
  • Wound (28%)

Formulas in blackboard picture

  • Moustach (6%)
  • Hair (10%)
  • Cat (34%)
  • Muzzle (44%)

About 94% Answers

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