94% Answers Level 30

These are all the answers and cheats to 94% level 30. This trivia game is available for iPhone and Android, and is extremely addictive! The object of the game is to guess 94% of all the given answers to a question.

94 Percent Level 30

job you wanted to do when you were a kid

  • Doctor (29%)
  • Firefighter (6%)
  • Astronaut (5%)
  • Actor (6%)
  • Singer (7%)
  • Teacher (17%)
  • Pilot (3%)
  • Police officer (11%)
  • Veterinarian (10%)

it’s round

  • Circle (19%)
  • Ball (46%)
  • Head (4%)
  • Moon(4%)
  • Sun (5%)
  • Earth (10%)
  • Orange (6%)

Onion picture

  • Onion (51%)
  • Healthy (12%)
  • Pepper (13%)
  • Cry (11%)
  • Cooking (7%)

About 94% Answers

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