94% Answers Level 6

These are all the answers and cheats to 94% level 6. This trivia game is available for iPhone and Android, and is extremely addictive! The object of the game is to guess 94% of all the given answers to a question.

94 Percent Level 6

It grows quickly

  • Germany (33%)
  • United States (11%)
  • United Kingdom (6%)
  • France (28%)
  • Japan (3%)
  • Soviet Union (8%)
  • Italy (5%)

Exotic fruit

  • Treats (39%)
  • Toy (33%)
  • Cartoon (10%)
  • Gift (5%)
  • Riding (5%)
  • Plush (2%)

French fries picture

  • Anger (34%)
  • Work (26%)
  • Stress (24%)
  • Office (6%)
  • Computer (4%)

About 94% Answers

94% is the tough new app game that challenges players to answer free-form questions, sort of like Family Feud. But there’s a devilish twist: the top answers to the questions have already been polled, and it’s your job to try to figure out 94% of the responses. We’ve combed through the 94% app game and found the answers for all 40 levels, and now we’ve got all the answers lined up and ready to pull you out of your 94% slumps and stumps. 94% answers get harder and harder, but we’re here to back you up and help you get through the worst this wildly popular app game has in store. We’ve got all the 94% answers and cheats you’ll ever need in one place, organized by level. Happy quizzing!”

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