94% Answers Level 72

These are all the answers and cheats to 94% level 72. This trivia game is available for iPhone and Android, and is extremely addictive! The object of the game is to guess 94% of all the given answers to a question.

94 Percent Level 72

Objects that have keys

  • (5%) Controller
  • (9%) Piano
  • (13%) Remote
  • (28%) Telephone
  • (39%) Computer

Landing a..

  • (2%) Interview
  • (9%) Diploma
  • (11%) Price
  • (14%) Table
  • (21%) Telephone
  • (37%) Jobs

Russian monument picture

  • (4%) Red Square
  • (4%) Kremlin
  • (11%) Church
  • (20%) Moscow
  • (24%) Palace
  • (31%) Russia

About 94% Answers

94% answers and cheats for every level of the brand new smash hit mobile game from SCIMOB. You can play through all of 94%’s addicting trivia action on all iOS and Android devices. In order to correctly name all of the 94% answers, it’ll take a real trivia mastermind. Are you up for the challenge? To dominate 94%, you’ll need to name the top answers for over 40 challenging levels. For example, if I were to ask you to name “Animals hatched from an egg”, what is your first thought? Perhaps a bird, an alligator, or a disgusting snake. You see, it’ll be entirely up to you to name 94% of the top terms, words, and phrases for your given level. Remember, if you find yourself stuck, just check in with us for all of the 94% answers and cheats you can handle.

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